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Is markdown for reference-style links not working?

I am using the syntax for reference-style links as shown here: Markdown Editing Help - WordPress Development Stack Exchange From the example: Here's a reference-style link to [Google][1]. [1]: ...
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SSL Certificate for WPSE Meta invalid

I just realised that doesn't have a proper SSL certificate set as the site kind of broke when using HTTPS Everywhere. The main site is fine, just the meta ...
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Low Quality queue without options

Again I got a deleted post in the queue. What shall I do there? Simply hit skip? Guess that's a bug. Now I hit the review "low quality" queue again and guess what: The answer apeared again... ...
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Someone tagged me in comment, but I's not notified

I'm talking about this comment, where the MagentoBoy tagged me in his comment. But I found no Notification: In this image, the lowest notification was of 2 days ago, while the comment I'm saying ...
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WP.SE.Com Built in Editor Bug

Today I tried a text with bold+normal face in a single word. When I separated them as bold + normal — I can write them, like: got me. But if I join them like: "gotme" and try to bold the part "...
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How to get more than 30 badges in less than 10 minutes?

I just noticed our t31os was flooded with badges: I think he deserved these badges, but I want to understand why he got all in one rush. For example this organizer badge for an edit from 2011 comes ...
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Um, I earned the Vox Populi badge but haven't voted at all in the last few days

Does this mean my account has been hacked somehow? or is there something wrong with the system? As I understand it the Vox Populi badge gets awarded when you've used the maximum of 40 votes in a day. ...
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Flair Logo is a bit hard to see

On the Flair button the W favicon picture is hard and even not seen when used on the dark setting. I usally use the dark setting for my WP site which is at
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Cannot search for "unregistered" user?

Ok, this drove me crazy for a while. I was looking for profile of Joost de Valk (clearly remembered he had answered at least once) for plugin developers question, but it was absolutely not coming up ...
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