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Is markdown for reference-style links not working?

I am using the syntax for reference-style links as shown here: Markdown Editing Help - WordPress Development Stack Exchange From the example: Here's a reference-style link to [Google][1]. [1]: ...
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Comment Shorthand Links Too Deeplinked

Re: this help resource: These shorthand links are incredibly useful, but the page is nearly impossible to find.: Help -> Our ...
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Difference between <blockquote> and markdown’s >

I always thought the markdown > was a shortcut for HTML’s <blockquote>. However, there appears to be differences. Compare this … > This is `monospace` markdown This is monospace ...
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code blocks with 4 spaces not working

When creating a question it is not interpreting code blocks correctly when you indent with 4 spaces. For example: This should be code! But it is not. EDIT: must have a blank line before and after ...
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