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I think we need an ability to subscribe to a question

Right now when i see a question that needs more details, i ask the OP about adding some more details to the question, and he will probably add some extra details and then respond to me using @ in the ...
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No "ping notices" in my inbox today!

It looks like the "user ping notices" in the comments are not showing up in my inbox today. For example is Pieter Goosen using @birgire in two comments today: here and here, but there are no notices ...
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Someone tagged me in comment, but I's not notified

I'm talking about this comment, where the MagentoBoy tagged me in his comment. But I found no Notification: In this image, the lowest notification was of 2 days ago, while the comment I'm saying ...
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Can I get notified when a Tag Edit is Rejected please?

I made some edits on the tag for e-commerce, but I wasn't made aware that it was rejected. Given that I have enough reputation to suggest / write tag wikis, I'd have expected to get a notification on ...
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Status / welcome message to upgrade should include req warnings

The current status message is: "WordPress 3.2 was released on Monday, July 4. Please remember to update your sites" It is important to note that the new requirements have changed, notably PHP 5.2.4 ...
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No email notices on comments etc.

Hei, shouldn't i be notified by email if someone starts a comment with @wyrfel ? I don't get any email notifications at all, even though correct email address is in profile (it was pulled form my ...
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