Today I tried a text with bold+normal face in a single word. When I separated them as bold + normal — I can write them, like:
got me.

But if I join them like: "gotme" and try to bold the part "got" only, but "me" will remain normal, then I can't achieve that, see here below:

It simply creates an italic one on "got". I think it's a bug of our editor.

What's the necessity?

Actually NO - there is NOTHING.
Camelcase thing can be a good alternative for such a joint writing, like: "GotMe". Today I tried to write "nanodesigns" with the first part (nano) in bold, and the second part (designs) in normal as it is - but I couldn't. If such a condition occurs then and only then we should need to have an eye on it. But for real Q & A, I thing it's not a widely necessity.

  • For information about why this is by design, see this MSO post.
    – Oded
    Sep 26, 2013 at 10:23

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Sometimes it's just easier to use HTML than deal with intricate combination of Markdown. Remember - the purpose of Markdown is quick and productive, not rich elaborate formatting.



  • <storng>nano</strong>designs - that what I meant it should be. And thanks to Rarst - at last I got it. I thought HTML won't work in this editor field. :) Sep 26, 2013 at 4:45

While @Rarst shows how you can write bold and italic, let me explain why it is not a bug that you cannot do that here with Markdown: It is an aesthetic sin.

Most fonts come in three variants: regular, bold and italic. The font stack on our site doesn’t even offer italic:

"Lucida Grande","Lucida Sans Unicode","Lucida Sans",Tahoma

None of these fonts has an italic variant, because they are button fonts. This is the real bug.

So browsers create a faux italic (slanted) pseudo-font, which is bad enough for its own already:

enter image description here

Note the strange spacing and the broken font smoothing.

And now look what happens when you add bold to that disaster:

enter image description here

We get a pseudo-ligature od here.

If you want to emphasize a word, use bold or italic, not both. And avoid italic until this bug has been fixed. I have reported this years ago and nothing happened, so don’t hold your breath.

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