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Appropriate content

I've just had my account blocked from asking question for 2 days due to a post which got down-voted (about making WP CLI work properly on Windows). I'm confused. I was told in a comment that WP CLI ...
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Spammers, Unregistered Users, User Names

Within the last half hour, there was some spamming on WPSE. The post were created by different unregistered users sharing the same name AirMaxUK. So far, all posts have been removed, one of the ...
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can't login to rate/accept despite being logged in

I am logged in (my name and a drop down of questions I rated/accepted in the past show up) but in the last few weeks every time I try to rate/accept I get a pop-up box to login. I have tried logging ...
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How can I delete my profile / answers?

I would like to know how can I delete my profile , along with all my answers / comments or any other trace of my persona from this website . I have tried sending a mail to the specified mail address - ...
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Question popped up under me

This question here popped just recently under me and i do not remember asking it at all never even got notifications of answers WordPress Admin Bar Moving Links
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Would you be interested in having a user profile field for the link to the account?

On Drupal Answers we asked for a user profile field to use for the link to the account. I was wondering if you would be interested to a similar user profile field, and the request could ...
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Gravatar does not display, how to correct?

If this is not the correct place to ask this question please move. I searched and did not find any answers. When I created my account I used the openid associated with my google acct. I have images ...
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