If this is not the correct place to ask this question please move. I searched and did not find any answers.

When I created my account I used the openid associated with my google acct. I have images associated with that email in the gravatar system but they do not show on the site. Is this a known problem? Noob mistake?

I dislike the quilt square and would like to see my own ugly mug up there!



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There's a great feature on the Gravatar website to check to verify that your Gravatar is working. I put your email address through the check and figured out the problem immediately.

For some reason, your Gravatar is X-rated:

RealityCramp's Gravatar

To fix this, log in to the Gravatar site and go to your profile. When you hover the mouse over your headshot, you'll see the rating and a big red X show up just to the right:

Gravatar Edit Screen

Click on this rating and you'll be able to specify what your image is rated. Since yours is just a headshot, I'd suggest a G-rating. Then it should show up here (and everywhere else) just fine.


The gravatar is linked to the e-mail address you provide in your profile on this site. So go to your user page (on the parent site, not on meta), click the edit link, and check your e-mail address there.

This site is part of a network of Stack Exchange sites. Because of historical reasons, most questions about the workings of sites in the network are answered at the Stack Overflow meta site.

  • I have checked the edit link. Many many times. All seems well and my pic shows in gravatar. I will check the stack overflow meta site for help. Commented Sep 5, 2010 at 13:59

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