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Woocommerce questions flooding WPSE

I've lately become very involved in WPSE. One thing I noticed is that the side gets overflowed by woocommerce question. Somedays about 70 percent is woocommerce related. To my understanding, ...
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Woo Tags Gone - Where to Ask Questions?

It looks like you guys have stopped supporting WooCommernce tags, and Woo Support doesn't seem to want to help unless you're a paying customer - so where's a good place to ask WooCommerce centered ...
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25 votes
7 answers

Our wooes and future of platform plugins at WPSE

I think that after fair amount of time (well over a year) and discussion it is clear that "Woo issue" is not going away. However after spinning it in my head for a while I think we might be having ...
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WooCommerce dumping its support here in a direct menu link

As of 2013-09-30 13:22:00Z the menu link at Woo site iscompletely removed. Related post: There, we come to know on the OP words that That's ...
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Make WooCommerce questions off topic

Let's move on We already had one meta question by Tom J. Nowell asking how we should deal with the woocommerce questions. It had quite some traction and support. Now I'm polling if we should update ...
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12 votes
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Dealing with WooThemes/Commerce Questions

If someone asks a question dealing with plugin X or Y, the default response is to ask if they've been to the support forums of plugin X or Y, as clearly those are the best places to get the answer. ...
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