I recently answered a question on WPSE that the author was kind enough to bundle as a plugin.

I realized that there was no way I would have gone through the trouble of answering this if that was not the case. It's often too much work just getting setup to answer a question.

So the idea behind WPSE-Question is that complex (or even easy) questions are able to be downloaded via a plugin the answerer can install. It is not meant to take away from pasting code into WSPE but rather complement it.

The problem is how would we encourage it's use.


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I think you'd just ask when appropriate.

I find myself sometimes suggesting that someone paste code that I can drop into a dev stack and test but mostly I don't find that it is necessary. I basically just paste into a mu-plugin or Twenty* theme files (until they get too beaten up and I just reinstall).

It seems like only very complicated questions require bundled code and I am not sure how many users here would know how to bundle code into a plugin anyway.

I think I'd be warmer to the idea if the Stack Exchange network had its own github like system or even a pastebin feature. As it is you are looking at having to sell people on at least a couple of ideas, one of which is an external service.

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