My take... If you are expanding your own answer, link away, but for other people's answers I typically add links to additional information in comments to either the original question or (rarely) to an answer. There is no chance of "stealing" points that way and I don't like the "link only" nature of answers that are mostly references.


I saw this practice a couple times, I did so myself here and there, and I can't think of anything bad or disrespectful on this (if this is what you are thinking about). It is the opposite of this, I would say. Providing more insight into a particular question's topic—even if you provided the by now accepted question—could make (new) readers aware ...


I feel as though it is a valid means of providing a more complete, unified response. In this manner, I am not taking any credit for their thoughts or words while still directing votes and inquisition to another good response. If my answer is accepted, referring/linking also draws attention to the important information contained in these referenced answers ...

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