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Drag-and-Drop Uploads

PHP/Development (Github profile)

Elegant Themes

I joined Elegant Themes in 2017. In my time there I've led development on some nifty projects, including Divi's Drag and Drop Uploads and Color Filters, Effects And Blend Modes features.

Miles Partnership

For nearly seven years I worked as a web developer with Miles. My primary focus was on WordPress projects for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, such as the Georgia Centers of Innovation, and the Georgia USA Small Business Resource Directory.

IDW Publishing Disney books spread

Comic Books (ComicBookDB profile)

From 2015-2018 my wife and I lettered the bulk of the "classic character" (i.e. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Scrooge) Disney comics from IDW Publishing.

We've also had a hand in the color & restoration work for Fantagraphics' Don Rosa Library series, specifically Vol. 3, Vol. 8, Vol. 9, and Vol. 10.

During 2005-2008 I was the Disney Comics Art Director at Gemstone Publishing.

And before that? Well, I've always been something of a fanboy. 😊

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