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I am Maruf.I worked in a software company naming "Rs Software" where I was working as an web developer.Most of my project is based on wordpress,codeignitor,raw php etc.

I am really grateful to Khroshed Alam because he is a pioneer in web and I am proud to say that HE is my teacher in perspective of web development.

One more person, I miss , he is EVAN vai.He is a man with techniques.He assisted me a lot to learn new things.So many things , he helped me to learn.One of the important thing I learn from him is "Technique how to think and how to solve problems"

I am not a knida jquery boy.Still I developed and modified a code for sharing image gallery with facbook,twiiter,gplus etc.

You can see the post here http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/111842/37201

You can reach me via rockermaruf007 *****@****** gmail****dot*****com

Thanks, Rs Maruf

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