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A Newbie in Linux trying to survive the hard day's walking around with all the zombies on the loose.. Eh, wait, that's a movie.. Eh, disregard that last part..

Now, to the important stuff, I've been recently starting to forget stuff, and that makes it extremely hard to code, because I can write a piece of code, and take a pause, and then I don't really remember if I tested the new part. So please, have patience with me when I'm asking stupid questions.. or maybe don't understand your answer.

The best way, is to explain with examples, and don't leave out stuff that's basic and "I should have known" I also have a kind of "dyslexia", that makes it hard to put together "different" suggestions to one. So please, when you write a script, or a part of the script, don't take any shortcuts and think "he should know that"

Treat me as a real newbie..

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