FAQ Draft What kind of questions can I ask here? WordPress - Stack Exchange is for WordPress developers and administrators to ask questions about: theme and plugin development choice of themes and plugins development and management best practices server configuration for WordPress Note that we do not handle questions: not specific to WordPress (even if ...


Off-topic: questions about CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. that do not directly relate to WordPress; in other words: questions that can be answered solely in terms of the scripting or markup language.


That's what I think to be included in FAQ before WPSE will become the regular webmaster's meeting point not the place where solutions are raising. Before asking the question: Important: Write your question three times using pen and napkin but not in a text editor. Read it aloud in two minutes. Does it sounds like what you want to ask about? Repeat again. ...


Off-topic: General questions about blogging or content creation, especially questions that are entirely CMS-agnostic.


Off-topic: "My site is broken; please help!"


On-topic: questions about WordPress-specific CSS, WordPress-specific PHP practices and coding standards, WordPress implementation of stylesheets, scripts, etc.

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