We've had several questions that border on [ethical issues][1].  But we've only really addressed the issue of *questions* that are ethically ambiguous ... not *answers* that offer potentially unethical advice.

[Case in point][2] is a code snippet allowing developers to "externally nuke" a website they've built.  The code was offered up as a "best practice" for `functions.php`.

Personally, my gut reaction would be to delete this.  Suggesting people add killswitches to their code is very similar to suggesting they bas64 encode vital functions to prevent tampering.  The question here isn't so much *can* you do this, but *should* you do this and should WordPress Answers support that kind of practice.

If we were voting, I'd scream "no" as loudly as I can.  I don't think developers should ever place back doors, killswitches, or other kinds of vulnerabilities in their code under the guise of self-protection.

> In case you dont get paid properly after you complete the job

Thoughts?  Other arguments one way or the other?

  [1]: https://wordpress.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/334/ethically-ambiguous-quesitons-answers
  [2]: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/1567/best-collection-of-code-for-your-functions-php-file/5970#5970