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Commercial, non-GPL code: flag & support

The related Q

In [this Question on WPSE/WA](http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/19271/slidedeck-pro-wordpress-image-size) the author asks a question related to the _"PRO"_ version of a commercial plugin.

The Problem

The Problem that I have with the Q is that the _"PRO"_ version includes support and therefore should be available for the owner of a license. Now the author seems to have the product/software/plugin, but no support. During a discussion with @Rarst on the chat, he told me that the plugin could be GPL licensed and got into his hands legally1). He also [told me to raise the question here][1].

It's not our task to question the license or if it inherits the license from wordpress, so we can just take "it's not GPL" as the base. So could we be held liable for helping to commit a criminal offence? For me it's close to:

"I didn't rob the bank or even knew about it. I just drove the car for some friends."

The Question

* Should there be an option when flagging such a question? * Should we even care about it?

1) Afaik the "LITE" version is GPL licensed, but as far as i can tell from reading through the comments, the "PRO" version is not GPL licensed.