We do get quite a lot of third party plugin related questions, specially woocommerce (due to their own poor/non-existing support). We are currently cleaning the site up of third party plugin support related questions. Have you read [this post](http://meta.wordpress.stackexchange.com/q/3889/31545). If you haven't, please do, and don't just read it, please take part.

I have noticed that you are actively taking part in the review queues, thanks for that. It is really up to us as members to keep our site constructive. 

Whenever you do a first post review, or just browsing around, and a question is about a support issue to a third party plugin or a third party theme (remember, the bundled themes are not third party themes, they form part of wordpress), flag it for our attention, and downvote it. Everyone with 3K+ reputation have a say if a question must be closed or not, so we will take the issue further in either closing or rejecting the flag :-).