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Are Commercial Themes/Plugins Too Localized?

For example: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/82571/how-to-restore-post-titles-on-archive-pages-after-moving-titles-above-content-si

Looking at the code posted in the question, I really don't think it is answerable without seeing the template files. And since the Theme in question is commercial, we don't have access to them.

Just looking for clarification: based on our scope, questions about commercial Themes/Plugins aren't inherently out of scope; however, most of the time, the questions are of a nature (such as the linked question) that they cannot be answered without access to the commercial code.

For this reason, I tend to close-vote such questions as too localized.

Note: related but different: Extend FAQ to deny support for stolen/not-paid commercial plugins & themes

In this case (both this question, and the linked question), I'm referring to legitimate owners of the commercial code in question; so the legality/ethics of providing support really are not in question. I'm more referring to the practicality of having such questions.