First of all, ask yourself, *Do I really need to have my email on here/is it doing any good?* If no, then take it off. If yes, keep reading.

I recommend doing it by the "Skeet" method. (For those of you who don't hang around SO often, he's the Chuck Norris of Stack Overflow.) Right next to his email, he links [a blog post (sadly, not Wordpress)]( This is part of what his post says:

>In the early days of Stack Overflow, this wasn't too bad. I'd get maybe one email like this a week. Nowadays, it's simply too much.

>If you have a question worthy of Stack Overflow, ask it on Stack Overflow. If you've been banned from asking questions due to asking too many low-quality ones before, then I'm unlikely to enjoy answering your questions by email - learn what makes a good question instead, and edit your existing questions.

>If you've already asked the question on Stack Overflow, you should consider why you think it's more worthy of my attention than everyone else's questions. You should also consider what would happen if everyone who would like me to answer a question decided to email me.

>Of course in some cases it's appropriate. If you've already asked a question, written it as well as you can, waited a while to see if you get any answers naturally, and if it's in an area that you know I'm particularly experienced in (read: the C# language, basically) then that's fine.

Anyway,  I'd respond with this:

> Hello {Person},

>I'm a professional with Wordpress that hangs around Stack Exchange quite a bit. I'm busy, and I have a life, too. Have you tried asking your question on Wordpress SE? If not, that's a great place to get started. If I help you here, then my time is spent only helping one person. However, on SE, my time could help multiple people, or even hundreds or *thousands* of people.

>If your question got closed, have you tried researching it yourself? Did you clarify it? Did you make it the most polished you can? SE usually only closes questions that are very hard to answer. Chances are, I can't answer it if it's closed on SE.

>Of course, if you need a couple hours of one-on-one time, feel free to contact me. My hourly rates start at $xx per hour.