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Can we fix translation related tags

I was about to edit the localization tag. Then I realized that there is no internationalization tag. However, there is a wrongly created l18n (should be l10n) tag as a tag synonym for localization, ...
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Buggy behavior when turning ignored tag into synonym of favorited tag

I just wondered why some plugin-related questions were grayed out, while I even chose <plugins> one of my favorite tags. I then took a look at the favorite and ignored tags, and found <...
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Synonymize Update to Updates

I just noticed there's a updates tag and a update tag, both with similar question counts and (best I can tell, I'm not a Wordpress guy) identical meanings. Neither has a tag wiki either. Should these ...
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The functions tag seems to be misused It's being used for both questions about a theme's functions.php file, as well as for generic usage regarding anything to do with PHP ...
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add get_post tag

Generally SE is smart about avoiding silly duplicate tags (ie: post vs. posts). IN this case, I wanted to create a tag for get_post, referring to the get_post() function, which is different indeed ...
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Stack Overflow [wordpress-*] tag synonyms

I propose we add some of the [wordpress-*] tags of Stack Overflow as synonyms on our site, to ease question migrations. Questions tagged [wordpress] [wordpress-plugin-dev] lose all their tags as [...
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Consolidating duplicate tags

I'm noticing that there are a fair number of duplicate tags, which is surprising considering you need a really high rep to create tags - I would have thought users would know better. For example, ...
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