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Voting to migrate proposal

I know it is still very early days, but as some of you know, someone has eventually taken that next step to propose a stack for woocommerce questions. As we all know, we get bombarded with a lot of ...
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Comments are comments and plugins are not solutions to developer questions

It's really frustrating to be trying to figure out the answer to something searching previous questions, Google, etc.. and a bunch of posts come up with similar questions but rather than answer the ...
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Flagging pop-up screen covered by answer text field

When I'm at work and have free time, I usually spent that time on WPSE anwering or editing or flagging a question. I'm currently using my phone to do that, which is a Blackberry 9320. I've picked up ...
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Please stop designing SE on Mac 720 inch displays

Most of the time, when I code, I work on a non-HD, non-retina, non-glitter, non-shiny, non-Mac Laptop. And honestly, how would I read the content when there's no space left for content?
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Tags are getting out of control - sky is the limit

The current situation Currently we got a rough number of 900+ tags. Which is much too much. Even with having this filter, it's more than anyone could search, as we have different variations of the ...
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virtual wordpress install / sandbox for users or pastebin

Each time i try to help someone, i wish they can show me their code. most ppl are in production env. and they can not trust a total stranger and vice versa ( i wouldn't trust one) so i was wondering ...
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Who (gets to) edit the FAQ?

Who gets to edit the FAQ? The FAQ currently says: If your question is about … Programming, ask on Stack Overflow. Networking, servers, or maintaining other people's PCs and contains no ...
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