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Rename tag

Questions tagged are off-topic, but people regularly miss-tag their questions believing it's a WordPress question therefore, not realising is a hosted service....
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Can we fix translation related tags

I was about to edit the localization tag. Then I realized that there is no internationalization tag. However, there is a wrongly created l18n (should be l10n) tag as a tag synonym for localization, ...
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Merge all plugin-* tags into [plugins]?

In his question Our wooes and future of platform plugins at WPSE Rarst proposed the following at the end: Extension-specific tags (such as plugin-*) are eradicated. They serve little purpose and ...
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Should we retag basted on answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Retagging Questions Based on Answers If a question has an accepted answer that introduces a new topic to the question, should the question be retagged to accommodate this new ...
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Retagging Questions Based on Answers

I can see many instances where this is the case, but here's the most common scenario I encounter: A user asks a question about query_posts() or get_posts() but the correct answer should use WP_Query ...
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Block the "cms" tag

There are 124 questions on SO that are tagged with both wordpress and cms. cms should probably be blocked, to avoid that questions migrated from SO keep that tag once migrated on WordPress Answers.
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Consolidating duplicate tags

I'm noticing that there are a fair number of duplicate tags, which is surprising considering you need a really high rep to create tags - I would have thought users would know better. For example, ...
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Rename [twitter-integration] tag to [twitter]

We currently have 10 questions tagged twitter-integration. There is no twitter tag. I can't think of any WordPress + Twitter questions that will not be about how to "integrate" them (either by sending ...
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