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Proposal: Questions about programmatically interacting with third-party plugins (API) should be on topic

Currently, third-party plugins are considered off-topic for this site. There are solid historical reasons for this which make sense once understood. In all likelihood, third-party support questions ...
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Are plugins hosted on considered third-party?

Following an interesting discussion in the comments under How can I set cookies on my posts so that I can get view count of that post I'd like to know if plugins hosted on are considered ...
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Is WP SE an appropriate place to ask for plugin recommendations? [duplicate]

I need some suggestions for an ecommerce plugin that will allow users to register and seller and/or buyer to sell/buy digital products. The seller will be given time to produce the digital product and ...
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Questions Related to WordPress Plugins

I recently asked a question related to a certain WordPress setup, and was put on-hold with a statement that this is a third party question that is out of scope. I think this should be changed. ...
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Is it okay to ask a question about how to use a specific plug-in here?

From the description of this stack it seems to me that specific questions about how to use particular plug ins would not be welcome. Is this true? If so, what are the idea places to ask these ...
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Q&A for external plugins

Firstly, sorry for the awkward title. I just couldn't come up with a short description of what this question is about. I'm interested in how you feel about the following situation. Someone involved ...
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