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Should you use the URL or the share-URL for linking to questions/answers?

I just stumbled about this, and I am not sure what the correct procedure is here. Mentioning Rarst's chart, I was not sure whether you should use the URL of the question or the URL produced by the "...
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What about answers consisting (almost) only of a link to an external website? - or - 'How do I answer' section for the faq

I was wondering about (how to deal with) answers like Had the same problem. Here (random [external] link) is the solution. Firstly, I do not question the answerer's intention of helping others. ...
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Anyone else think the links should stand out a little more?

I am all for subtly in design, but the link colour is bordering on the unusable, in my opinion. This is a screenshot of a paragraph with a visited and a non-visited link in it (Chrome on Mac OS X, ...
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Is it allowed to post a link when the solution provided works?

I asked a question that received an answer that worked. Am I allowed to post a link to my client's page, showing how the answer worked, in a comment, to the answer I upvoted, to help others who may be ...
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Linking/Referring to Alternate Answers Within Answers

Often times I continue to conduct research on the subject of a question even after submitting an answer. I like to return to posts to add links to any useful resources that I have found with the ...
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Should there be more control over links in user profiles ?

I stumbled upon a user whose "website" in the profile links to an adult dating site. In the Content Policy it explicitly states that : Sexually Explicit Material. Accounts that use Stack ...
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Make external links open in new window/tab

When people post links in their questions and answers when clicking the links they direct you away from the site rather than the link opening a new tab or window. Personally I find this very ...
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Is markdown for reference-style links not working?

I am using the syntax for reference-style links as shown here: Markdown Editing Help - WordPress Development Stack Exchange From the example: Here's a reference-style link to [Google][1]. [1]: ...
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