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5 answers

Link function names to codex

It would be really easy if function names would automagically be linked to the codex, the function reference or the Trac browser. If someone could create a solution that does this via Javascript, we ...
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What Software does MikeSchinkel use to create his stunning screen shots and is it available for Windows?

I'm sure everyone has seen answers similar to this one by MikeSchinkel that contain stunning screen shots with drop shadows, nice clear bold text and non squiggly red circles. My screenshots never ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Alternative Format Options

At first: the possibilities to format a question or answer is fine. I like the markdown style, also the buttons to use it via click. But we use not only clients, there have all keys for format a post....
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2 votes
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Is there an alternative to <tt> for inline fixed-width formatting in Questions/Answers/comments?

Many times when asking or answering, or even just commenting, it's desired to have a <tt> or similar functionality. For example, when referencing a function or a variable, you would use something ...
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2 answers

How should we format questions about plugins ?

Would it be a good thing to rationalize the titles of questions about plugins ? Some forums do for example : [Plugin : Plugin Title] My question about the plugin But here it's still kind of a ...
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