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My flag for deleting my question was declined - Why?

2 days ago I flagged one of my own questions for removal, but before that I did delete it myself. I did this because even if I delete my own question/answer, I would still be able to view it and of ...
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How do I see my own questions/answers that I deleted?

I deleted a question today which I want to undelete. However, I don't remember the question ID and my browser history was recently cleared, so I am not sure how else I can find it. How do I go about ...
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How to see the my own deleted questions?

I raised a question in WordPress Stack Exchange few months before. Now I found a answer for that question, So I was searching my question in my profile. But I don't see any where in my question ...
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Why were a lot questions removed today?

Today, a lot questions have been removed, decreasing my reputation. What was the reason for this?
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Did the community delete a bunch of old questions?

I was just curious about my stats and realized that some 25% of my accepted answers are not there anymore, while my reputation did not change. So my (simple) question is: Has there been a major ...
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Wrong link for “Why was your post deleted?”

This question (visible for mods and 10k users only) was deleted by its owner. The message under my answer looks like this: The link goes to to our FAQ. All the explanations there suggest the answerer ...
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How long should we wait before we delete closed questions?

We can reopen closed questions per reopen votes or moderator decision. But most closed questions just stay closed. They pollute search results and hurt the reputation of the askers. See also: The ...
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