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Can someone ask questions about a particular website for WordPress theme testing?

I want to ask how can one do WordPress theme testing using WPTest. I have read that specific plugin issues will not be covered so I am wondering if it fits or not. Thanks
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For a Community Wiki Question, Should I Accept an Answer?

(I've searched Meta for a related question, but didn't find anything.) The first Question I asked on WPSE was intended from the start to be a Community Wiki (which I am assuming means "collection of ...
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WPSE Plugin Repo

Yesterday I opened a new Q: The WPSE Plugin Repository. After talking to @JanFabry & @Rarst in the chat, I want to ask you some Qs here. The ideas behind it are the following: 1. Summon plugins ...
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Would a Community Wiki post be the right thing for a hooks repository?

Hei. Just thought the other day that it would be handy to have a real documentation repository for the Action and Filter hooks in WP. The Codex pages are obviously not steadily maintained...they are ...
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