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How to give old Bounty without starting new one?

I started Bounty to this question, but I forget to give it. The accepted answer edit the question and solve my question totally. But I forget to give them. Actually I thought it will apply for ...
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No Answer should recieve my bounty

I have posted a question/issue and I recently got a email that my bounty will be rewarded to a answer even if I say so or not. The answer to my question was not even a right answer nor did the ...
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Why my flag for moderator attention for a post was declined?

I flagged this question for moderator attention as I thought it to be off topic based on this Help Center article. More specifically, the following point: generic server configuration and ...
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Can't add bounty on 2 day old question

This question is 2 days old, yet there is no link to add a bounty. I am logged in, and I have 68 rep points.
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What to do when you don't want to award your bounty?

I started a bounty on Infinite Scroll not working in own theme and found out the answer myself. I do not consider the answer of Otto worth the bounty. What should I do? What happens when I do not ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Bounty Questions as vip Questions?

We see a lot of bounty questions asked by people who are only her when they have that question and never help around with answering, commenting or even as much as voting. Now since they don't do the ...
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Multi-part Questions with Bounties

I am still new to StackExchange, but have found myself addicted. I am not sure why, but the reputation points and bounties really do help in getting a question answered... I LOVE it! I have a multi-...
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What happens to reputation when I answer my own question?

I had a legitimate question that I legitimately needed an answer for, How to 301 private posts rather than 404? , and I put a bounty of 50 points up to get the answer. The answers given, at the time ...
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