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Review tasks and Plugin promotion

I was completing some review tasks for both Late Answers and Low Quality Posts. The same user's answers were coming up in both queues, so I looked at their profile (as they are a new user) and it ...
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Helping get more users 200+ reputation

As seen on Area51 and mentioned here in meta few times: Site leaving Beta (we are close aren't we?) should have around 150 users with 200+ rep and currently there's only 90 of them. Is it a good idea ...
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How should cross posting be handled?

I have a question that is relevant on StackOverflow and also here. I reposted the question here in this forum with a reference back to StackOverflow.
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Placing own code snippets as questions

Should we encourage people to show off interesting code snippets here? With the flexible nature of WordPress, you sometimes can do nice things with a few lines of code. Currently, we one see them if ...
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