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Is WP SE an appropriate place to ask for plugin recommendations? [duplicate]

I need some suggestions for an ecommerce plugin that will allow users to register and seller and/or buyer to sell/buy digital products. The seller will be given time to produce the digital product and ...
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Make WooCommerce questions off topic

Let's move on We already had one meta question by Tom J. Nowell asking how we should deal with the woocommerce questions. It had quite some traction and support. Now I'm polling if we should update ...
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What if … third party specific questions would be on topic?

Think We as community (that includes you, the reader) have the stance that 3rd party/non-core plugin and theme specific questions are off topic on our site. That rule excludes three parts: Plugins ...
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What Off-Topic Close Reasons do we need?

Right now, we can use three custom off-topic reasons. This is what we have: Theme or plugin recommendation requests are off-topic as they're rarely helpful to others. For more information, visit meta....
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Plugin recommendations are NOT offtopic

I contend five points: 1. Specifically: my question was put on hold but is directly relevant to WP development A simple reality is that Wordpress is a CMS, not a framework. Therefore development ...
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For who's looking for plugin recommendation, should we suggest them to ask in Software Recomendation?

I just ask in the meta of Software Recommendation about the on-topic-ness of Wordpress' plugins, and their answer is yes. So should we suggest who are seeking for a recommendation of plugins to ask in ...
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closed as not a real question? [closed]

On all the stack exchange sites I've seen "closed as not a real question" being way overused.... I found this question just a little while ago... I not only clearly understood what was being asked, ...
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Can we re-discuss plugin related questions with popularity in mind?

I'm talking about development questions. I understand the stack's policy is not to allow 3rd party plugins questions, but given Woo's size, are they not allowed, at all? I'm talking about heavy-duty ...
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Update Community Specific Closure Dialogue Links from HTTP to HTTPS

All currently active Community Specific closure reasons use links that are http and not https. For example (non HTTPS links indicated with code formatting): Questions that are too localized (such as ...
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So… what exactly *is* on topic now? FAQ needs improvements

Similar, but not quite the same as this recent thread: Hidden on topic page. And of interest to me first hand, since my first two interactions with WPSE in years was actually two Qs asking for plugin ...
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end "shopp"ing: eliminate the tag "plugin-shopp'

I propose the tag "plugin-shopp" to be eliminated (I don't know if you can use here on this Meta the term "burninate" like on Stackoverflow). The tag's wiki says it is off-topic. It has currently 1 ...
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Are Questions on Settings Adjustments in WordPress Core or Third Party Themes and Plugins Allowed?

I'm trying to find out how to display a line number next to my hundreds of posts in the back end so I can clearly see where I left off. Not sure if there is a plugin or if this would require coding. ...
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Can I ask wordpress plugin recommend question on this site?

Can I ask wordpress plugin recommend question on this site? I want to let my site provide the database's data to REST APIs for my mobile development, but I am not sure whether there have those type ...
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