Well I'll be honest, after looking at the question, I can't see any reason I would flag it. It also says there is -3 votes on it, but I don't have an answer on there? I don't recall flagging this.

I'm just a bit confused how this works or why this question is appearing on my flagging summary. It's a good question, no reason for me to flag it. :)

This is the question 'in question': Allowing a user to write a post from another website?

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I am not sure how it appears for you (some things look different for mods), but for me it points not to a question, but to a spam answer on that question that was deleted couple days ago.

So my guess would be that you flagged that answer.

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    Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up. It just goes to the question for me, but it makes sense why. :)
    – Jared
    Jan 19, 2012 at 13:27

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