(moderator stuff, nothing interesting)

It's not that it's horribly broken.. But it's often freezes my brain, especially on comment flags.

Just look at this...

enter image description here

...and try to quickly figure out:

  • what Feras Odeh asked and what it has to do with this flag? (no idea and nothing)

  • is Steven the one flagging or the one being flagged? (being flagged... who is flagging?)

  • what does grey 1 at the left means? (comment upvoted, but not obvious that it's comment - layout is different from comment on site)

  • do delete and dismiss affect same target? (they don't, delete is for comment, dismiss is for flag)

Some of these you can figure out from hovers, but even knowing most of this stuff I still hit it like a wall on comment flags.

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