We have a user who is very ecstatic about his recent WordPres epiphany. I surely know the feeling when the magical world of programming unicorns shine upon thee and everything all of a sudden makes sense.

This user got so excited he posted his revelation to every question he could find. It's great to have enthusiastic users but I don't think it is possible that his theory (domain mapping) could be an appropriate answer for so many questions.

His code was also flawed and was run through wp_texterize along with a non standard character encoding. (I edited and converted to UTF-8 and removed the HTML entities)

How do we rein him in?

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Hmm... Well... the effort is nice, but flooding with same answer without regards to context - not so much.

You caught me going afk, I will get to cleaning this up later today (unless other mod beats me to it) and decide if this warrants need to contact user directly about his behavior.

Update I had went over most answers and deleted those instances that had clearly no relevance or effort to fit actual question being asked.

PS to all - don't forget to exercise downvotes and flags on answers of poor quality, that way you help system learn and rely less on manual moderator intervention.

  • I copied and pasted my edit to all his answers so it doesn't look like we display code riddled with curly quotes and em dashes.
    – Chris_O
    Commented May 20, 2011 at 7:59

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