For example there is higher level organizational name like Filesystem API but in code classes and functions use WP_Filesystem. Essentially this is same topic.

  • tagging with both seems excessive

  • formal name is more proper, but often less known/recognizable

Obviously great candidates for synonyms, but what is rule of the thumb which should be master tag?


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I would go for the names of the concepts ("documentation terms"), because they can be wider than just the classes used to implement them. The rewriting API is a good example (and discussed previously): WP_Rewrite is just one part of it, there is also the WP class that does the actual parsing of the URL. So (to me) is a better tag than .


I don't think we can say for certain that either should be the "master" tag because there are many situations where you just can't determine that. More people recognize Filesystem API than WP_Filesystem because it's a more common term. On the other hand, more people recognize WP_Rewrite than URL Rewriting API because it's a more common term.

I agree that this is a great situation for synonyms, but it should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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