This is more of a definition question than anything. Officially, it's Multisite, but everyone still refers to it as MU. The plugins, the support sites, everything. Even 3/4 of the questions on this site about it refer to it as MU.

Should we care, and if we do, what can we do about it?

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Well I see

and -- since this site is about wordpress, I favor merging that into perhaps as a synonym.

Ah, never mind, that is already the case


So I will complete the merge.

Beyond that I recommend working "mu" into the body of posts that talk about multisite for best search coverage, since the tag will be part of the title most of the time.

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mu has a second meaning: The mu-plugins directory is for must use plugins, which cannot be turned off. Plus, it is easier to search for multisite than for mu. Therefore, the use of a naked mu tag should be strongly discouraged, imho.

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  • Like the one I used, lol – Dan Gayle Mar 22 '11 at 16:59

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