I have some woocommerce related questions and I would like to send it to the comunity, it happens very often, can someone tell me the right place to make this questions

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    questions about the stack itself go on the meta stack, I've migrated your question here
    – Tom J Nowell Mod
    Jan 24, 2022 at 19:26

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Lots of places but not here, this isn't a WooCommerce community, and you can't ask for help with the APIs of 3rd party plugins/themes here.

As for where you can get help with WooCommerce, there is a support route if you log into woocommerce.com, an official WooCommerce community slack, facebook groups, local meetups, an official job board. I know some of the FB WordPress groups allow WooCommerce questions but check beforehand.

To a lesser extent, StackOverflow itself is an option as it's a general programming stack with a much wider scope, though that's no guarantee of a quality response. In the past attempts were made to start a WooCommerce stack, but it didn't garner the support needed to graduate to a beta on Area 51. People were happy to ask questions but almost nobody was answering them.

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