We have a tag for questions related to the wordpress.org site, e.g. the .org support forums etc, but people are using it to indicate they are using a self hosted site which is incorrect. Clearly the tag name isn't clear enough.

How can we improve this and make the tag clearer/more useful? Should it even remain as a singular tag?

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What is considered on-topic for a tag? Working with the APIs from .org for plugins and themes maybe? Forum questions should go to the forum, plugin requirements and theme requirements should be tagged as and respectively. Nothing else comes to mind for .org on-topic subjects (feel free to make suggestions in the comments).

Maybe we rename the tag to api-wordpress.org and update the description to reflect this change.


I think the tag is fine. The occasional misuse can be edited out. It's about more than just the API: It covers everything related to the organization of the development by the core devs, the administration of plugins and themes, the docs, translations and so on. I don't see a better name for now.


I have always found the WordPress.org tag an oddity. After all, this is a WordPress Development QnA. Correct me if I missed anything, but I struggle to see many reasons to ask development questions about the dot org.

I wonder if the WordPress.org tag might not be a candidate for a fairly comprehensive community wiki question and answer pair.

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    I think having a nicely worded meta question with a curated answer that we can share is something we should do more often
    – Tom J Nowell Mod
    Commented Mar 10, 2021 at 9:43

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