There are far too many (IMHO) solid answers without so much as a single vote. Likewise, many a decent example of a question with too few upvotes. The voting system is there so we can show people what a good question looks like and what a great answer can be.

I propose a sitewide quest to get out there and find unsung heroes and give them some appropriate votes.

Edit: Perhaps we should say one underappreciated question per answer (thus, we only get a single nomination each)?

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    Totally! We definitely need a great increase in recognizing the good ones, particularly some of the answers to complex questions which can pass the radar.
    – Christine Cooper Mod
    Commented Sep 2, 2019 at 9:10

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There are currently 47,701 answers with 0 votes out of our 123,069 answers (38.75%).

4,212 of those answers were created in 2019.

Please take into consideration the quality of the answer before upvoting said answer. Low quality answers should be reported and a comment should be left asking the OP for clarification or to edit their answer and add any necessary details.

The links above should help any users in this quest!


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