I know opinion based questions are not reasonable here, and definitely understand why.

My question is do we have a different site that I could go to in order to get opinions on a development of a particularly complex site (for myself at least) on set up and overall process development?

I know it's a big ask but I'm banging my head against the wall on where / how to start.

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    I'd keep in mind stack exchange is not a forum, you have discussions on forums, Stack Exchange is a Q&A site, think of it more like a wiki, and less as a place to discuss things (it'll help with what's on and off topic) – Tom J Nowell Feb 11 at 18:25
  • Thanks for the comment and answer. I understand this isn't forum. That's why i was asking for a good forum site in which to pursue my questions. I'll check the links below. – rudtek Feb 11 at 18:31

I've always found livechat to be a great help. We have chatrooms where you're free to ask questions that may be off-topic on the main site. Specifically, The Loop Chat is where you can talk shop. If not active immediately we will get to your question eventually or at least point you in the right direction.

WordPress also has their own IRC Channel to talk shop in.

There's the Official WordPress Forums where you can ask more long formed in-depth questions. They have a whole section dedicated to Advanced WordPress Development where your specific question sounds like it may fit in best. Their guidelines are much more loose than ours here and their forum based format is better suited for discussion.

Finally, you may want to check your local area for WordPress Meetups and WordCamps where you'll find professionals to talk to in person regarding the specifics of your project. WordCamps and Meetups are a great way to bounce ideas or talk best practices with people working in the field who may have run across the same bridge you're looking to pass.

For the most part, Stack Exchange is largely a QA format and the chatrooms are meant to cover everything in between.

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