Now that we graduated to a full site, we can unlock migration paths to other sites. Remember that moderators can always do arbitrary site-to-site migrations, but regular users can close and vote to migrate questions when they have over 3000 reputation.

The shortlist has a maximum of 5 sites, and one of them is this meta site. How are the other four sites chosen? Do we vote for them?

Original question, no longer valid after Jeff's answer:

This leaves us four other places we can choose (unless my proposal to add tag-based migration paths is accepted). I suggest you add one site per answer, and we see which sites get the most votes (this can be Community Wiki, but reputation doesn't matter on this meta site).

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This isn't done through voting -- it is done through history of actual questions being closed.

If you want to prove that your site needs a particular migration path, first point to a lot of closed and/or migrated questions that provide evidence for this path.

  • OK, then I misunderstood how it was done on other sites. I'll update the question and accept this answer.
    – Jan Fabry
    Feb 22, 2011 at 7:00

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