I have non-developer questions in the following area:

  • WordPress security
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • WordPress How to

I wonder if this forum is the right place to ask.

If not, where should I post questions related to above topic?

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    Please note that this site is a Q/A Site that builds knowledge and not a forum. The faq and "on topic section" in the help center will lead you to other sites about specific, non-WP areas.
    – kaiser
    Commented Nov 14, 2016 at 21:25

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Topics like this are marginally on topic. In our scope we do have "Development and management best practices" as allowed.

But historically we are focused on development and what exactly is “management” to be on topic is much less refined.

I would roughly draw a line like this: if you are a person in charge of the WordPress installation and have questions about operation of it as a site I would say that is on topic.

If you are a user in WordPress installation and have question about operating WordPress features in general (“how do I write a post?”) that is probably not a fit here.

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