We have banned the wordpress-$number tags a long time ago. Unfortunately, many askers are using the tag wordpress-version now as a replacement. Most of these questions are not about versioning, they are about updates, a topic with its own tag.

I want to restrict the wordpress-version tag to versioning and nothing else. Topics under this tag would include:

  • How are WordPress versions generated?
  • How can I find out the version?
  • How can I hide it?

Updates or specific versions should be excluded; in these cases the tag doesn't help finding related topics anyway.

Before I do that: Do you have any objections?

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I'm cool with that. But as always setting the rule will be easier than policing it.

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    I am policing the tags wordpress.org, wordpress.com and wordpress-version actively. They are my pets, hence the question. :) – fuxia Oct 14 '16 at 9:54

One week later, I have changed the tag info and started retagging. I will try not to pollute the front page with my edits, so this will take some time until it's finished.

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