One of the questions that recently popped up on the homepage had only one tag -

According to the Help Center, only the following topics are allowed:

WordPress Stack Exchange is for WordPress developers and administrators to ask questions about:

  • theme and plugin development
  • development and management best practices
  • server configuration for WordPress

(the social network) does not fit in any of these categories, so why does it even exist?

It also seems there are various questions using that tag that are not to do with WordPress and have not been flagged. A good example is this question

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There are a ton of tags that are off-topic tags most of which are plugin specific: almost anything [plugin-*] and etc. Since Stack Exchange is a community based platform the community decides what tags may be relevant to their question - and any user greater than 300 rep can just create any tag they see fit.

This doesn't mean questions regarding the tag are either on-topic or off-topic - that's also for the community to decide. Most Javascript questions would be considered off-topic but there are cases where the javascript is specifically pertaining to WordPress like involving the customizer, media library, admin-ajax, etc.

For the most part it's a nice way to group off-topic questions and for you to exclude questions with this tag in your WPSE Settings.

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