I don't have enough reputation to comment, and apparently I can't answer broad / bland question in poor limericks... Here's the answer in, uhh, question!

Define theme information other than through style.css

This was a broad question which was answered with links to helpful resources in which the user can edit their content using filters / hook OR better their question by actually taking the tour and adding more detail.

Why was my answer deleted exactly whenever it wasn't necessarily unhelpful?

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I deleted your answer, because it was at best an overly broad comment. The question is clear and specific, answers should follow the same scheme. You made no attempt to solve the problem, you just posted some very generic, and in this case: misleading, links. This doesn’t qualify as an answer.

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    :/ here I can add a comment, but OK - if you won't accept Limericks as an answer I'm of no use here. Challenge to future readers though:::::: Answer a question in a complete Limerick and get accepted and one day I'll give you a bounty! – Derp Dec 27 '14 at 5:45
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    I don’t care whether you write a limerick or the next Nibelungenlied. But I do care about the content of your answers, and in this case the content required deletion. – fuxia Dec 27 '14 at 5:46

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