The sidebar on WPSE is already providing a lot of helpful links and related questions. Nevertheless I would find it helpful to have some more question-related information (like the linked section).

Especially meta-information (check summary of functions on QueryPosts for reference) like the implementation version of linked functions and related WordPress Core tickets might help people to get to the source of their problem more easily.

So I would like to discuss if it would be possible and useful to implement something like this:

WPSE Sidebar Meta: Source and Linked Trac Tickets

I could also think about some more information in the sidebar:

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    Instead of linking to the Codex, I'd like to see links to the new parsed Code Reference on developer.wordpress.org. It's essentially the official version of QueryPosts and will largely be replacing the function, hook, and class references currently residing in the Codex. Commented Sep 22, 2014 at 3:44


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