When I committed to this StackExchange, I saw a summary of the things I was expected to do: make N posts, answer N questions, upvote N times. I don't remember these exact numbers.

At present, the Area 51 page says of the 278 committed users, "0% fulfilled commitment." Can I dig deeper for my own account and see what I have not yet completed, or at least what the original commitment was?

Update 8/19: Just got an email thanking me for fulfilling my commitment. The Area 51 page now lists >4% fulfilled.

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If you want to find out what the current definition of a commitment is, the best way is to go to another proposal and click the "Commit!" button. The current text is:

I commit to participate actively in the named proposal for at least three months, especially during the private beta, and to ask or answer at least ten questions.

This is intentionally hard to find, since they don't want people to game the system.

You seem to have asked two questions and answered thirteen (activity on Meta is not counted), so you have fulfilled your commitment. I believe commitment fulfillments are not counted in the private beta, so the number will start changing in a few days.


I think it might be at least 4 questions. Among other things.

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