I just ran over a question that was basically asking about MySQL and collation. I would say it's not within the scope of the wodpress answers site (but kindly answered it anyway, these points get me addicted ;) ).

So I'm just asking myself to which SE site to guide for explicit MySQL related "how to write a SQL query properly" questions? Excerpt from the dropdown list:

  • Super User
  • Stack Overflow (I think this one)
  • Programmers
  • Server Fault
  • Webmasters

Any kind of feedback appreciated.

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I think it depends entirely on the context of the question -- if it's about MySQL in the context of specific WordPress queries then it belongs here.

If it is a general question about writing MySQL queries that has little or nothing to do with WordPress, then it probably belongs elsewhere.

In other words, how wordpress-y is the question?

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    question. Some question are about working with WP APIs to build and run queries - obviously they do belong. This one is mostly running raw SQL query and issue in question (collation) is about MySQL and not WordPress mechanics.
    – Rarst
    Dec 26, 2010 at 9:06
  • @Rarst: Thanks for linking the question, it's the one.
    – hakre
    Dec 26, 2010 at 10:58

I think this question does belong on WPSE, since it refers to creating tables with the correct charset and collation from a plugin. Reading your article makes me think that using the $wpdb->charset and $wpdb->collate options are important, and not just utf8, because others might use a different setting for a reason.

If I would refer someone to get more specific SQL help, I think Stack Overflow is always a good place. In theory Server Fault should be the place for server-related questions (and thus MySQL-specific stuff, like how to set a collation), but in practice SO also covers this. Super User is for individual PCs you physically work on, not servers. Webmasters seems to be a higher level site, mostly about SEO and information architecture, and Programmers is about everything but the code.


My view it that if it mentions the use of a WordPress plugin or a theme them it is an okay question for this site.

To me this question is fine for WordPress Answers. While the guy might get a faster answer on SO I'm very happy to see it here on WA because:

  1. It's a question I needed to know the answer to for my WordPress work, but didn't, and

  2. Lots of WordPress developers need to know the answer too.

So if a question makes no mention of WordPress at all then I've ask the comment "How does this related to WordPress" but if it is a question about SQL in any context of WordPress then I think it is fair game here and my vote is I want those questions here. FWIW.


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