From the http://wordpress.org/about/domains/

For various reasons related to our WordPress trademark, we ask if you’re going to start a site about WordPress or related to it that you not use “WordPress” in the domain name. Try using “wp” instead, or another variation. We’re not lawyers, but very good ones tell us we have to do this to preserve our trademark. Also many users have told us they find it confusing.

So, my question is does this website have some agreement from WordPress.org?

If yes, what are the requirements to be allowed to use the name WordPress in the title/logo and URL?


Read all of it. Continued:

“WordPress” in sub-domains is fine, like wordpress.example.com, we’re just concerned about top-level domains.

  • And what about the logo? – Derfder Jul 16 '13 at 9:39
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    I don't see a WordPress logo on this page or the main site so that's moot – Tom J Nowell Jul 16 '13 at 9:45
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    @Derfder where do you see logo used? If you mean "WordPress" brand itself, it is not considered problematic to use it in general. Think about it - you should be able to say or write it without written permission, or it's not much of a brand. :) Main's footer has usual disclaimer that it's registered trademark. – Rarst Jul 16 '13 at 9:46
  • @Rarst the logo is here: cdn.sstatic.net/wordpressmeta/img/logo.png?v=123 So, I can make a subdomain website called StackExchange Answers using the same or almost same font and hosting like stackexchange.news.cz and it will be OK? – Derfder Jul 16 '13 at 9:47
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    @Derfder that is not a WordPress logo. You'll have to take that up with owners of "Stack Exchange" trademark. Owners of WordPress trademark had no issue with "WordPress Answers" (and this name sucks anyway). – Rarst Jul 16 '13 at 9:48
  • @Derfder If you asking about the use of 'WordPress' in a logo - that's fine - its just top-level domain names they don't want using 'WordPress'. – Stephen Harris Jul 16 '13 at 9:49
  • @StephenHarris I will write them in a minute and let you know what they think about that. Thanks for now. – Derfder Jul 16 '13 at 9:50
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    @Derfder The "The WordPress logotype is set in Mrs. Eaves, licensed by Emigre." It is not a trademark of WordPress where as the logo is. Problem? Here... no problem. – Adam Jul 16 '13 at 9:57

WordPress Foundation Trademark Usage Policy

We will grant permission to use the WordPress name and logo for projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The primary purpose of your project is to promote the spread and improvement of the WordPress software.
  • Your project is non-commercial in nature (it can make money to cover its costs or contribute to non-profit entities, but it cannot be run as a for-profit project or business).
  • Your project neither promotes nor is associated with entities that currently fail to comply with the GPL license under which WordPress is distributed.

You can read more here: http://wordpressfoundation.org/trademark-policy/

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