Reference this question: Where do I get "Bug Information" to add to a question?

We do often ask people to indicate the debugging steps they have taken. This is a reasonable request, as it cuts to the quick of any issue, and ensures that WPSE members don't have to walk anyone through ad nauseum steps to identify the root issue.

However, I can't find those steps listed anywhere to be referenced by new users. I can see how the experience would be frustrating for new users: ask a question, receive a terse comment asking about debugging, and then having the question closed. While many such questions are "drive-by" anyway, I think we run the risk of frustrating sincere users who simply do not know of the debugging expectation.

Shouldn't this expectation be listed in our FAQ, along with a list of typical debugging steps?


Requested debug information:

  1. Identify active Theme
  2. Identify active Plugins
  3. Identify WordPress version
  4. Ensure WP_DEBUG is set to true, and report any PHP fatal errors or notices/warnings, as appropriate
  5. Include code from any line numbers referenced in PHP debug output

(Please add to the list as necessary.)

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