On StackOverflow, there are multiple migration options when you want to flag a post as off topic:

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On WP.SE, we only have the option for our meta.

We get a lot questions that are not specific to WordPress and belong on StackOverflow. Wouldn't it be useful to have a belongs on stackoverflow.com option in our list?

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    +1 Well, what a coincidence. I came to meta right now to post exactly this question, as I've asked myself that for some time now, and just voted another question as off-topic (while it'd fit for Stack Overflow). :) – tfrommen Apr 7 '13 at 13:12

We added Stack Overflow and Webmasters as migration paths for you all. Cheers!

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Stats wise in last 90 days we had:

  • 24 migrations to SO (8% rejected)
  • 9 migrations to webmasters (none rejected)

These would make sense to add as migration routes, if higher powers agree and make it so.

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