I believe my question is not getting much attention here. Is it possible to migrate post from here to stackoverflow ?

I searched the flag option but cant find anything thr

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You can always flag your own posts for moderator attention. We can then migrate the question. However, you asked that question just 54 minutes ago, and most of our members live in a time zone where it is early morning now. So … some patience doesn’t hurt.

And your question is on topic here. We will not migrate it to SO.

Respect the community – your own, and others’ explains why.

  • very true...have to keep patience(really dont know how I be too impatient today and totally agree its not off topic..will surely going to keep it here) thanks for the comments :)
    – swapnesh
    Jan 18, 2013 at 6:43

Wait: so as of this moment, you asked your question 7 hours ago (hint: the middle of the night in the US, where most WPSE members live), and then 6 hours ago, you were asking about how to migrate your question, because it wasn't receiving enough attention?

Seriously? One hour, and you want your question migrated?

If you need support that quickly, you don't need your question migrated; you need to find some paid support somewhere.

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